10 Guiding Points of T’ai Chi Ch’uan10 Guiding Points of T’ai Chi Ch’uan Commentary on Tai Chi Chuan PRACTICING THE THREE FEARLESSNESSES IN TRAINING AND REAL LIFE

The three fearlessnesses
of Tai Chi:

* Do not be afraid of hard work
* Do not be afraid of self intimidation
* Do not be afraid of investing in loss

Good progress and results come with proper teaching and correct practice!
Jing-An The Asian Wellness Experience


Thank you for investing in your health

Jing-An literally translates as: “Source of Serenity” and was established in Cape Town over 12 years ago by Dr Michael Lan.

Dr Lan saw the need for Western Cultures to embrace a “NEW” level of awareness within themselves by discovering their Chi (inner strength) as well as encouraging people to use the ancient form of Chinese Medicine Healing by using various techniques of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Tui-Na massage, Bonesetting massage, ShiLao (Nutrition and Diet), Life-coaching, Cupping, Moxibustion herbs, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Chi Cardio.

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Jing-An Melkbos Tai Chi Branch

We are now running Tai Chi classes in Melkbos at MiniTown. Classes are on every Monday and Wednesday between 7:15-8:15pm. Contact Karmen Fleming (Instructor) directly on 084 7025828 or Ursula on 021 4225608

Tai Chi Event

Dr Lan will be in Johannesburg giving a One Day Workshop on Tai Chi for Health and Martial Art.

When: 23rd July
Where: Ferndale Recreation Centre, 38 Harley Street, between Surrey and Main Avenues, Ferndale, Randurg.

For more inquiries kindly email us on info@jing-an.co.za or call Ursula on 021 4225608.

Tai Chi is practiced by millions of people around the world for its health and healing benefits. It was originally practiced as a martial art in the older times. Dr Michael Lan in his workshop will focus on both important aspects of practicing tai chi for improving health and as a martial art.

Jing-An May Calendar

Fund raising for the SA Chinese Association at the Red Chamber restaurant in Hyde Park,Johannesburg.

Dr Michael Lan, in collaboration with Dr Frederick Marais, Deputy Director of Western Cape on Wellness from the Department of Health, will be giving a public talk and class on Tai Chi on Friday 13 May between 13h00-14h00.

Jing-an Gold and Bronze tai chi pushing hands medalist being interviewed on SABC News.

2016 South African World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day

Tai Chi for energy

Like Acupuncture, Tai Chi can balance and increase the flow of energy.

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Jing-An Lifestyle Clothing

Our new range of pure cotton t-shirts maximizes comfort and ease of movement.

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Jing-An monthly and yearly contracts

Find out about our Monthly and Yearly Training Contracts. We make it easier and feasible for you. No running around wasting time and money. TRAIN with us as much as you want the whole year. Balance work with exercises.Be Healthy all year along.

info@jing-an.co.za | Tel-021 4225608 | Find us on Facebook

Private Classes

Members and Clients get the luxury of having Dr Michael Lan on a One-on-One class supervision and transmission.

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Jing-An has been involved in numerous events with various local and national companies, teaching them about the healing power of Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Ancient Chinese Healing.

Watch the All Africa Coca Cola Company members participating in Tai Chi Team Building.

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